Confidence Boosting Affirmations for Better Self Esteem

Self Esteem Affirmations To Build Confidence

Affirmations for confidence and self esteem The world can be a nasty, hard hitting place that makes no apologies for knocking you down and continuing to lay the boots to you over and over again. People can equally be horrible and cruel or be arrogant and condescending, putting you down and walking all over you if you let them.

When these horrible situations happen in our lives, it’s hard, if not impossible to NOT let them affect our self esteem and confidence. We may begin to undervalue ourselves, or create self doubt and a lack of confidence in ourselves.

We may begin to think less of ourselves and feel worthless or unimportant when our lives take a turn for the worse, or we go through a relationship breakup, a divorce or a separation.  Maybe we lose our job, hate the job we currently have and feel like we are just drifting through life with no real purpose, goals or direction.

Maybe we are alone and do not have a special person or family in our life to share our problems with or to give us a much needed ‘pep talk’ or some confidence building speech to keep us going and make us value our importance in this world.

We have put together a list of daily affirmations for self esteem and confidence affirmations for boosting our individual value and the way we need to look at ourselves and other people around us today.

It’s easy to lose confidence today and to lose our self esteem when we have life knock us down over and over again. It’s worse when we do not have anyone to share our lives with and we are alone each and every day when we go through problems and if we get depressed. High levels of self esteem and confidence in ourselves is more important than ever.

We are here to give you the pep talk, confidence boosting affirmations to build you up and make you look at yourself in a confident light.

Never let anyone make you feel like you are not valuable or like you are less than them. Use these positive, up building affirmations for confidence and self esteem affirmations to keep yourself focused on loving yourself, living the best, most fulfilling life you can each and everyday.


1.) You are Loved

You are loved affirmation

2.) Nobody is better than you but equal

3.) We all have valuable things to share

4.) You are smart and confident

Self esteem affirmations for better confidence


5.) You are an amazing person

6.) I am Amazing

7.) I believe in Me

I believe in me - self esteem

8.) I am successful and confident

I am successful and confident affirmation

9.) I am independent and successful

10.) I am a kind Caring person

11.) I make a difference in people’s lives everyday

I make a difference in people's lives - self esteem

12.) I am Tall and fit

13.) I am healthy and fit

14.) Nobody defines me but me

Nobody defines me but me - self esteem affirmation

15.) I can do anything I put my mind to

16.) If they can do it so can I

17.) I am good enough

18.) There is no one that is like me

There is no one that is like me affirmation

19.) I Deserve Success

20.) I am a GREAT person

21.) People are Drawn to me

22.) I am a Loving and Kindhearted Person

I am a loving and kind hearted person - self esteem

23.) I LOVE myself no matter what

24.) I am in control of my life

25.) I am confident & Strong

I am confident and strong affirmation

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