30 Affirmations for Love & Relationships

Affirmations for love and relationshipsLove and relationships are two powerful areas of each of our lives. If you are in a relationship and in love, then you know the significance of these things and how your life is arranged around these areas of your life. There are also those people who are unlucky in love, or those who desire relationships with people that just never happen.

People are designed to love. When relationships fall apart or breakups occur, many times the men or women involved want to rekindle the relationships of love with their ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

Relationships and love can be difficult to navigate at times and there are many ups and downs involved which many times lead to heart break and despair, but NEVER give up on love.

If you are trying to attract love into your life, or you are trying to re-attract your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, or re-attract your ex wife or husband, then you need some positive reinforcement and motivation to not give up on love.

These affirmations for love can help keep you positive and motivated while pursuing renewed relationships with those you care about or a new lover you desire to attract into your life. Give these affirmations a try everyday to help you attract love by being positive and open.



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