Up Building Affirmations for Depression and Anxiety

Affirmations for depressionDepression and anxiety are horrible feelings to deal with. People who experience these feelings many times go unnoticed in everyday life. A person suffering with anxiety and depression may from an outward appearance look normal and not seem to be out of sorts. Many sufferers however, do so in private and have a hard time just functioning in their day to day life, going to work, visiting friends etc.

Many of these people suffer in silence. Depression and anxiety are often looked up as being weaknesses and feelings that people should just ‘get over’. If you have EVER suffered from depression and anxiety you know just how badly you can feel and that you don’t just ‘get over it’, as a matter of fact to get proper help at treating or managing these feelings of depression, medical intervention/therapy is often needed.

It’s important to fight the feelings of depression as best you can while staying consistent with treatment, but trying to stay positive and look at things in a positive and appreciative light. You have to tell yourself, even through the thick black clouds that congest your thinking that you are worthy of happiness and that things always get better. Sometimes you can dig yourself into such a pit, that you have a hard time seeing anything as ‘good’ in your life, and you may even feel worthless or hopeless.

FEAR NOT! This is simply the mental illness clouding your judgement and perception of things. With proper therapy and treatment, you can change things for the better. You need to stick with treatment and get active and try to stay distracted. Get busy with new things. All of this will help you with your thinking and feelings of depression.

We have provided some positive affirmations for depression and anxiety. Using these depression affirmations daily should help you to start to think and feel better in some of your viewpoints. These positive affirmations are NOT a cure, and we encourage you to always reach out for treatment through your healthcare provider or medical treatment center if you are struggling with depression and anxiety.

If you ever feel so depressed that you feel suicidal, please do not hesitate to call the number below to speak with someone for help.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255)

We would encourage people who may get depressed ‘sometimes’ due to life’s stresses, problems and anxiety, to try some of these daily affirmations for depression on this page. These are meant to help you to try and change your mood and to change your perception of your issues. These are NOT a cure for major depression. These are depression affirmations to help lift you out of your mood and get you feeling better about life, your day to day problems and other minor issues beating you down.

Give these daily affirmations for depression a try and let’s get you feeling positive and better about your life.



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