21 Money Affirmations about Money to Attract Wealth

21 powerful affirmations about money*This post, as with others found on this website may include affiliate links.

Are you looking for Affirmations about Money to help change your life? In this day and age, everyone could use more money. We need it to pay our bills for the necessities of life, we need money when we want to go out and have fun, going out for a dinner, to the movies or when we want to take a relaxing vacation. Problem is that most people DO NOT have enough of it, and they do not know how to attract more money or revenue into their life.

In order to do that you have to have the proper Mindset and help to attract money to you like a magnet. You can help to change your MINDSET to a positive money producing mindset by using various money affirmations as shown below on this page.

Money is a necessity. It brings happiness but can bring depression and stress if you don’t have any or if you do not have enough of it to enjoy your life. I have never once heard anyone complain about having too much money left over at the end of the month. I don’t think that would EVER be a problem for most people today.

You must work on changing your mindset to one of positivity and attraction. You have to understand that you are deserving of earning more and attracting more of it into your life, BUT you have to change your scarcity mindset to one of abundance. You need to use the affirmations about money below everyday to help you to attract more money and prosperity into your life instead of chasing it away by thinking you are NOT deserving.

1.) I WILL BE successful and make more money


2.) I AM deserving of more money


3.) I AM attracting money daily into my life


4.) Money is Everywhere


5.) I am open to new streams of income


6.) My potential for making money is unlimited


7.) Taking action helps me to make more money


8.) Money flows into my life with ease


9.) I WILL make more money each month


10.) I have the potential to generate as much money as I desire in my life


11.) I am in control of the money that flows into my life


12.) I can create new opportunities for money to enter my life.


13.) If I put in the Work, I can create new money for myself


14.) My persistence will create more money in my life




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