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32 Powerful Affirmations to Lose Weight

Affirmations to Lose Weight & Improve Your Results

Affirmations to lose weightIf you are trying to lose weight, sometimes it can be discouraging if you want to see weight loss results fast. Affirmations to lose weight can help change your mindset and body.

To see weight loss results you have to stay consistent and be patient with your diet and exercise.

There are many things in life today that sabotage or distract you from reaching your weight loss goals. There are many things from fast food to sedentary lifestyles, sitting at your job, etc. which can make losing weight difficult.

Sometimes, we simply need a pep talk and positive up-building affirmations to our inner self to help re-program our thinking to get the weight loss results we are seeking to make you feel better and more confident in yourself.

These 32 powerful, and highly effective affirmations for losing weight were created to help re-program your thinking to help keep your on track with your health and fitness efforts to get the results you desire FASTER!

Using encouraging reinforcement, these affirmations will help to change your beliefs within yourself as you build the body you always desired along with persistence and hard work. You can achieve anything that your put your mind to, including losing weight and getting healthy – if you truly BELIEVE in yourself!

Give these affirmations for weight loss a try today to help lose weight, build a better body and to get healthy and stay that way.

Affirmation Ideas for Losing Weight:

1. ) “I Choose to Be Slim and Healthy”

I choose to be slim and healthy affirmation for losing weight

2.) “I deserve to Live a Healthy Happy Life”


3.) “Progress over Perfection”


4.) “Mind, Body, Spirit”


5.) “I WILL make regular exercise a part of my daily activities”


6.) “I refuse to criticize my body in any way”


7.) “Each day of exercise is 1 step closer to the body I want”


8.) “My body is mine to change and transform”


9.) “Change comes through persistence”


10.) “Unhealthy Foods Yield Unhealthy Results”

affirmation for losing weight

11.) “I am proud of myself for choosing to get healthy”


12.) “I love my workouts and the results seen and yet to be seen”


13.) “Fitness is my new passion”


14.) “I choose to be healthy as an example for my kids”


15.) “I am Happy and Healthy”

Happy and Healthy affirmation for losing weight

16.) “Losing weight makes me feel empowered and confident”


17.) “Persistence is the key to changing my body”


18.) “Sweat is a sign my workout is working to change my body”


19.) “Each workout I complete is a step towards my goal”


20.) “Every bit of sweat is progress to revealing my fit body and lean muscle”


21.) “I deserve a lean, healthy body”


22.) “With each workout, I become a better me”


23.) “Every day I see and feel changes in my body and energy”


24.) “Each day I workout is an opportunity to see change in my body”


25.) “I feel stronger and healthier each day”


26.) “I do not let unhealthy food hold power over me”


27.) “My consistent workouts will help me reach my ideal weight”


28.) “I am 1 step closer to my ideal body weight after each workout”


29.) “I CAN and I WILL Lose Weight”


30.) “Exercise makes me feel good and gives me energy”


31.) “I deserve to be the BEST me I can Be”


32.) “Losing Excess Fat is Easy & Good For Me and my Body”


33.) Weight loss is in my control



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